Smart workstyles

for healthy & future proof performance


New ways of working include flexible and free workstyles Any Where Any Time. This makes businesses more flexible. Workers move more freely. But, this way also the variety in work situations exploded. Some workers experience improvements, such a work-life-balance. But others face problems such as mental overload. What is your vision on your (future of) work? Check it.


But others unfortunately experience deteriorations; such as mental overload, stress or demotivation. Nowadays even young workers have burn-outs. The quality of work becomes lower. Many workers miss grip on their daily work. Are there any useful concepts for the improvement of work? Yes, there are!

Greatest innovations in the 21st century will be human (John Naisbitt)


Annual work is technical, flexible and intense. The character of work is changing dramatically. Brainwork or knowledge work replaces repetitive handwerk in factories. A solid strategy will support people in the adaptation – redesign, reorganization and redevelopment – of their annual work.

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