About workdesign

Workdesign makes modern work more durable, dynamic and diverse

Two sites

Eveleens Workstyles owns two sites about modern work solutions on human scale. The focus in the corporate workstyles-website is on knowledge productivity in the 21st century. The site dewerkontwerper.nl is about improving new ways of working and flexible work. Goal: give people grip on boarderless work.

One person

The person behind these initiatives is Wietske Eveleens. My workstyle is not ‘measuring is knowing’. I rather go to people, talk, look around and see what happens. I am a ‘design thinking and doing’ kind of person. Dreaming, extrapolating, experimenting, getting stuck and reconsidering it all again. And than: Yes!

Originally I am a product design engineer (MSc Delft Technical University). I started as partner in design bureau Evegoed. After was upon others technical ergonomist, university teacher, lecturer and management consultant. Now I call myself work designer and worksystem expert. I analyse and synthesize work solutions. I am also coach, trainer and writer. Some themes are human-centred design, office innovation and new ways of working.


Structuring, connecting and creating is what I do easily. Also I like emphasizing with people. Meeting all kinds of people, listening and asking open questions. An environment with the energy and chaos of innovation suits me. That makes me associate and dream about collective ambitions of totally different people. I take diferent viewpoints; on the ground and a helicopter view. I share my ideas and visions about possibilities for the future. Together we go forward.

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