Eveleens Workstyles

rebalances modern worksituations

Bureau Eveleens Workstyles is initiated by Wietske Eveleens;

  • She analyses work situations; and improves work structures with worksystem (re)design
  • Also she helps people in the development of workstyles; their choices and behavior
  • Furthermore she supports people in reorganizing their (creative) knowledge work

Application of a systematic approximation combined with a design approach results in tailor made work solutions that will:

  • lower sickleave, work pressure, stress levels and mental work overload
  • and the same time improve human performance and work quality

There is a world of unused chances and unapplied possibilities for a durable and better future of work!

  • with businesses tailor made work solutions and interventions on human scale
  • and that will support individuals in the developement of better ways of working.

As an expert in work improvement Wietske also initiated De werkontwerper (in English: The workdesigner) in Dutch.


  • Twitter: @workstyles
  • Profile Wietske Eveleens: Linkedin
  • Chamber of Commerce registration: 31047610


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