Pretty productive people

Productive ways of working in the 21st century are durable and dynamic.

Challenging 21st century

A modern knowledge economy creates value and durable profit. Especially in the service, creative and knowledge economy. Peter Drucker has formulated a challenge for the 21st century in 1998. He suggests to increase knowledge worker productivity fifty-fold! The productivity of manual workers had increased by the same percentage in the 20th century.

Growing urgency

Annual high rates in sick leave, mental overload, work stress and burn-out can be related to changing work. Digitalization makes work more mental demanding. People have not developed responsibility in free and flexible work yet. Old habits and preferences in workplace design are in the way. Concentration work is too often stressful.

Developing practices

My generation is the first that experiences effects of climate change. We are the last that can do something about it. For instance in daily work; in our roles and tasks, in our behaviour. Creating more value, working smarter and more durable. Learning in the workplace. Experiments and pilots. Trust. Knowledge productivity will demand radical change. Leaders may show the way by example. And go forward together. Cooperation with experts. Step by step.

Think, initiate & facilitate

Your time is now. You are leader, entrepreneur, project manager or program developer. Your business is fine; has a basis for continuity. But you are a bit worried about the future. Are we anticipating enough on the market? Would a change in thinking and doing improve results? You like the idea of creating your future of work.

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