Update ways of working

Greatest innovations in the 21st century will be human (John Naisbitt)

New technologies make processes in business more flexible and sophisticated. People work more freely; Any Where Any Time. But the level of sick-leave may rise; Many professionals nowadays are overloaded, stressed or depressed. Even young workers get a burn-out. This is not what you want while creating results in a upcoming knowledge economy. Educated professinals should be happy and healthy. That is good for smart thinking. But how?

Connect technology, people and process

Be aware that the character of work is changing; from repetitive handwerk to complex brainwork. In the case of problems in the workplace there is often an unbalance –¬† in the workplace. A misfit between technology, people and their work occurs. A diagnosis of the working situation with the workers can reveal the source of such structural problems. Situational interventions on human scale will improve and repare the balance in modern work.

Rebalance modern work situations on human scale

People try to adapt to the changing work and workplace; But that is complicated. They cannot do that on there own during normal working hours. They need help; supportive education and guidance. Such human scale interventions can be related to both:

  • improvement of the functionality of technology,
  • and/or development of smart behaviour
  • and/or reorganization of knowledge work.

 Also I help young professionals develop their talent, role and behavior at work.

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