A smart workstyle

facilitates your healthy performance


As a modern worker you work freely. New technologies support you in working Any Where Any Time. You experience benefits, such as efficient use of your working hours. But at the same time modern work situations have become complex. You face deteriorations, such as mental overload, stress, burn-outs and demotivation. Do you work in the most responsible, intelligent and future proof way?


Mostly not. Improvements are possible in the quality of your work. Work has become technical, flexible and intense. Modern brainwork or knowledge work exist only for a few decades. Your type of complex work is in fact brand new. Simple and repetitive handwerk in factories is almost gone. But the way you and we handle modern work is not adapted. That has created stubborn and severe work problems. You can start solving them. With individual workstyle(s)!

Greatest innovations in the 21st century will be human (John Naisbitt)


Eveleens Workstyles supports modern workers in problem solving with workstyle solutions. An expert in work(re)design helps you adress personal issues and embrace possibilities in 3 steps:

Free yourself

Use insights

Navigate directions

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