Update ways of working

Great innovations will be human (John Naisbitt)

New technologies make businesses more flexible. Also people are more free, working Any Where Any Time. But this positive story has a negative counterpart. The level of sick leave is often high; People are overloaded, stressed or depressed. Young people have a burn-out. How come? New ways of working are not fully developed yet. Therefore it is a good idea to cocreate smart workstyles with your employees. Thus you will improve business results.

Connect technology, people and process

Most leaders invest more money in new technology than in development of people and the organization of processes. This disbalance between technology, people and work processes creates problems for businesses and its people. Improvements are possible and feasible on human scale. Not only the functionality and usability of technology can be better. Also human competencies can be developed and modern tasks reorganized. Perform better by making systems work!

Simplify complexity on human scale

Nowadays the complexity of modern workplaces is very large. This makes topdown commands to personal more complicated and less effective. On the other hand bottomup strategies become more popular with a reason. Let your competent professionals know how to deal with complexity in the workplace. Thus business value grows. Therefore social innovation is more profitable than technical innovation (Volberda). How come? An overload of new technology often created technostress for its users. At the same time the character of work changed from repetitive handwerk to complex brainwork. A reconsideration is needed. Also help young professionals develop theirselves and their behavior at work.

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