Ways of working

Freedom and flexibility

Modern technology can give people freedom and flexibility in work and life. But making use of all these new possibilities is a challenge.

Workstyles are connected with human behaviour, habits, patterns and rithms.

One can thunk of the use of work environments, development of competencies and the way work is organized. Not only individuals have their own preferences and workstyles. Also teams and organizations as a whole – have their own workstyles. There is a connection with the meaning of ’teamspirit’ and with ‘organization culture’.

Making subconcious workstyles explicit is a valuable first step. This way people become aware of what they actually do and of room for improvement.

Creating responsibility

An analyses and diagnoses creates a basis for workstyle development. Challenges and chances of are made explicit within a given context of work. For instance in on boarding program of new employees. How to promote cooperation? And prevent burn-out? With a module on workstyle development people themselves learn how they translate self management in creative solutions.

Your actual needs

You are open for possibilities in the development of modern work. Thus you can help create the future. Can flexible or knowledge work – including working conditions – be lifted to a higher level? You look and long for new knowledge, theory and practice for your durable future in work. You find it here in the theory and practice of workstyle development for your modern tasks.