Free yourself

Let go outdated rules, views and habits. Start creating a better future of your work.

Speedy or sharp

Speed is preferred by most people above sharpness in work. Our dominant way of thinking of the last century persists. Preferences have been developed in repetitive manual factory work. Speedy became better than slow. But intense and flexible brainwork is different. Tasks are unique and mental demanding. Slow and sharp knowledge work is more effective than the fast and loose.

Vision is the art of seeing invisible things.

Creating the future

The best way of getting grip on your future is by creating it yourself. If you dont do it others will do it for you. Loose yourself of the dogma’s of the last century. Imagine, think, create! Become aware of all the room people have got for making their personal decisions about ways of working. The sky is the limit! It is time for people to take control over their own work and life. For a durable future.

Rethinking work

In this transition period the character of work is transforming. One could say that modern workers have one leg in the future and one in the past. People do have access to a large variety of modern tools, technologiesand facilities. But the same time our thinking and doing is rather traditional. Think of the habit of choosing the same flexible workplace every day. Work can be more dynamic.

Learning in the workplace slowly grows.

Modern practices

In a ‘vision workshop’ you will develop your vision on the future of your work. We reconsider where we and you come from. You get acquainted with service, creative and knowledge work. Interactively we explore changing mindsets, behaviour and habits. You will creatively scout transformations and transitions in your own work practice. You go home with ideas and insights.

Positive perspectives

You like to change something in your work for the future. You may develop your own thinking. Possibly your leadership can improve. Or a new initiative can be worthwhile. You may be intrigued by the idea of durable solutions for changing work. You are open for new perspectives. But you do not want to pushed in any way; you decide what works for you. Sharpening your vision is a good.

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