Project design

In a project people reach a unique goal in special ways.

Projects can be more

We live in a period of changing paradigms. What was normal is not any more. It is challenging to dream about a durable future for next generations. For instance in the way we work. What if work makes people healthy and happy? That would create a basis for better thinking. For knowledge productivity. For a different but better future of work! You can find your way to get there.

A challenging goal does not necessarily relate to knowledge productivity. They may also be connected to improvement of new ways of working or working more durable, dynamic or diverse. And so forth.

Transformation design

You do not have to invent a new wheel. Vertically organized organizations are being replaced by horizontally organized cooperation in networks. The future is already there. You only need to anticipate on what already happens. For instance reconsider roles, tasks and responsibilities. Make your dream reality, verbalize a goal. Energize yourself and your people with an attractive challenge.

Creating your transition

Now you have a perspective. The only thing you need to do is catch your goal and realize results. The most inspiring part is the dreaming and finding goals. Doing plans of others hardly energize people. So do it all together! The dreaming, creating a vision, finding goals, etcetera. That is what project design is about. Find out what you can do in creating collective ambition in a project.

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