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Choose your own path and develop your personal work solutions.

Favourably forward

Social innovation has become more profitable than technological innovation (Erasmus University). Anyhow investing in technology is very popular. The value of human capital is key in the knowledge economy. Businesses develop distinctive products and services. They can be created and offered in modern ways; in networks, sharing collective ambitions. What to do?

Possible transitions

An analysis of chances and challenges within a given context of work is a first step. Possible goals are being identified. Think of lowering sick leave and raising innovation. In delicate processes people may contribute; sharing their knowledge, experiences, ideas and dreams. An effective project or program will integrate learning, innovation and change and energize people.

Tailor made solutions

Work design is a result and a process; it involves both solutions and a creative process. The word concept is used to indicate the intended outcome of the design process. The word strategy denotes the possible way to go. I like to use the realisation of a result as a vehicle in a valuable process of education, innovation and change. A tailor made design process – for example a project or a programm – will not motivate and inspire people. It takes people to the next level of working.