Workstyles facilitate human behaviour and performance

Free and flexible

Modern technology has created freedom and flexibility, new ways of working. Anyhow the way people apply and use it is determinative. Modern people have adopted an endless variety in workstyles. Every personal preference, challenging task or working environment deserves to make different choices. But people do not do that normally. New habits are unhealthy or unproductive.

About Workstyles

Workstyles are simply the ways of working. A workstyle is related to a specific way of working of a person, a team or an organization within a given context. Technologies, talents – and competencies of people – and the character of tasks are distinctive in workstyles. In the description of workstyles in organizations you find notions of its culture and dominant mindset, technology and business.

I use the term workstyle in the development of unique balanced behaviour. This behaviour includes among others personal choices, profitable habits, rhythms and patterns in work of one or more persons. Basis in the development of ‘ideal workstyles’ – the best combination of solutions – is the theory and practice of ‘ergonomic design of worksystems’. We create a tailor made optimum.

Creating responsibility

An analyses and diagnoses creates a basis for workstyle development. Challenges and chances of are made explicit within a given context of work. For instance in on boarding program of new employees. How to promote cooperation? And prevent burn-out? With a module on workstyle development people themselves learn how they translate self management in creative solutions.

Your actual needs

You are open for possibilities in the development of modern work. Thus you can help create the future. Can flexible or knowledge work – including working conditions – be lifted to a higher level? You look and long for new knowledge, theory and practice for your durable future in work. You find it here in the theory and practice of workstyle development for your modern tasks.