Use insights

Embrace ideas and concepts. Improve the quality of your work

Confusing turbulence

In this transition period paradigms are changing. Old ways of thinking are under pressure; the power of bosses is declining. Modern themes and habits slowly emerge, such as autonomy and self care. There is uncertainty and chaos. People experiencing mental overload, stress and burn-out can be seen as victims. The idea is growing that radical system change is necessary.

Rethinking basic principles

The application of practices in the last century may be contra-productive within the annual context of work. It is time to rethink basics, such as ergonomic principles and concepts. The idea and goal of balancing work, people and environment is to improve both productivity, health and safety. This is relevant in flexible and knowledge work too. Let us develop healthy & productive modern work.

New structures & systems

20th Century dominant ways of working can be described as: efficient and static. Modern 21st century productive work requires another focus: effectiveness and dynamics. I develop modern – the more intense, creative and complex – tasks with the concepts of worksystems and workstyles.

Concepts for your future

I support leaders in the development and application of worksystems and workstyles in personal, team and organization tasks. You experience the power of design thinking. Exploration of your ideas and beliefs creates room new ideas and solutions. Your self confidence in going unpaved paths towards the future grows. Clever rethinking creates feasible and attractive perspectives for growth.

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